Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be the world leader in ensuring delivery of skilled seafarers to meet the needs of a diverse shipping industry

Our Mission

To provide industry leadership to ensure the appropriate courses and training are in place to deliver skilled seafarers to the Merchant Navy both now and in the future

The aims of the MNTB are:

  1. To keep under review the current and future skill requirements of the shipping industry and assist companies to meet identified needs that contribute to long term competitiveness, develop the potential of individuals and help secure the UK’s maritime skills base;
  2. To provide a flexible structure of apprenticeships, training programmes, learning pathways and education and training arrangements, based on training and national occupational standards, which ensure compliance with statutory standards and achievement of degree, HNC/D and/or Maritime Studies qualifications;
  3. To promote careers in the Merchant Navy as an industry of the future, well managed, technologically advanced and committed to respecting the environment.

MNTB activities include:

  • Identifying industry skill needs and how they can be achieved;
  • developing and maintaining Training and National Occupational Standards for Merchant Navy seafarer operations;
  • developing, maintaining, approving and recognising seafarer education and training programmes, mandatory and industry agreed courses;
  • publishing training information, including Short Course Criteria and Training Record Books as part of the approved programmes followed by all new entrants to the industry, and for ongoing certification and development purposes;
  • providing annual training seminars to update industry representatives on current seafarer and related training developments and provide the opportunity to review existing seafarer training standards and arrangements
  • promoting careers in the Merchant Navy and the shipping industry, through the ‘Careers at Sea’ brand, and linking into wider maritime sector careers promotion through the Sea Vision campaign;
  • managing the Merchant Navy Training Provider (MNTP) to ensure unemployed seafarers are able to access government funding for continuing training and certification;
  • working with the Maritime Skills Alliance (MSA) for UK maritime skills development purposes.