National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards (NOS) describe the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to undertake a particular task or job to a nationally recognised level of competence.  They are used for a wide range of workforce development purposes, including

  • developing recruitment criteria and job descriptions;
  • as performance management tools and within performance appraisal processes;
  • identifying training needs;
  • developing training programmes and training interventions;
  • developing qualifications of all types – vocational, academic and professional.

A suite of National Occupational Standards (NOS) covering a range of seagoing roles in the deck and engineer departments of merchant ships, harbour tugs and fishing vessels has been developed through the Maritime Skills Alliance (MSA).  There is a direct relationship between STCW 95 standards and NOS covering Merchant Navy roles.

The Maritime NOS suite has been developed to cover functions for:

Safety and management (series A)

Navigation and vessel operations (series B)

Engineering (series C)

Fishing (series D)

Specialist vessels and operations (series E)