Industry Information

These pages provide useful information about various MNTB activities, related interests and organisations.  Please check out the links provided, otherwise, contact Donna Stevens for further information.

The MNTB holds two seminars a year – in November and April, for those directly involved in new entrant education and training programmes.

The Department for Transport provides the Support for Maritime Training scheme (SMarT), which is available to shipping companies and training organisations to help cover a proportion of seafarer training costs.

The MNTB operates the Merchant Navy Training Provider (MNTP) to support unemployed seafarers, by providing funding for certain training courses..

The Slater Fund provides scholarships of up to £17,500 to help ratings and other seafarers study for a first certificate of competency as an officer.

Find out about the MCA Officer Trainee of the Year Award.

In 2015 Her Majesty The Queen signed the Royal Warrant for the Merchant Navy Medal for meritorious service. Details can be found on the Department for Transport website.

The MNTB works closely with a range of industry organisations and bodies that are involved in Merchant Navy education and training activities.

We regularly receive queries about joining the Merchant Navy, finding out about SMarT funding, where to purchase uniforms, tracing Merchant Navy ancestors etc.  The frequently asked questions pages will help to find the answers to your questions.