Two training providers recognised by MNTB’s new centre recognition scheme

Clyde Training Solutions and Maritime Skills Academy (Dover) are the first two seafarer training centre recognition schemes to be recognised by the Merchant Navy Training Board’s (MNTB) new centre recognition scheme. The service recognises quality training centres in the UK and abroad with an MNTB kite mark. Awardees can use this kite mark to demonstrate the fact they have met MNTB’s strict review criteria and can hence differentiate themselves from their competitors. The centre recognition service aims to improve seafarer training standards through its rigorous process, which includes recognising where good practice exists and identifying how those who would seek to achieve good practice can be supported in revising their standards.

Clyde Marine Training and Maritime Skills Academy (Dover), which piloted the new service, will formally receive MNTB recognition at the UK Chamber of Shipping’s annual Summer Lunch on 20th June. The new centre recognition service is being operated by the MNTB with the full involvement and approval of the UK Chamber of Shipping. The Chamber’s Executive Board has the final authority to award recognition based on the evaluative process carried out, overseen and verified by the MNTB’s Recognition Services Review Committee.

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